Mathematics Club


Our Total Budget is Rs.28,000 (Excluding 3 Tablet PCs) approximately and it is divided in two parts. One is Marketing Budget, which is estimated about Rs.5, 000

Our Marketing Budget includes:

  • Banner 1k
  • Stands (3) 1k.
  • Flash Mob -for gifts 2k.
  • Registration forms 500.
  • Handmade Items for marketing 500

In addition, other part is Competition Budget, which is estimated about Rs.23,000 (Excluding 3 Tablet PCs).

Our competition budget includes:

  • Banner 1k
  • Refreshment for Judges faculty, Guests and volunteers 3k.
  • Certificates for participation for students 5k.
  • Trophies for the top three winning teams 3k.
  • Gifts for Winning Team (for every member of team) TABLET PCs.
  • Cash award for 1st runner up 7000/- and Cash award for 2nd runner up 5000/- 12k.