MS (Mathematics)

Duration of Program:

Duration Minimum 2 Years & Maximum 4 Years
Semesters 04
Credit Hours 30

Sukkur IBA offers MS in Applied Mathematics. The MS program in Applied Mathematics prepares students for careers in research, applications and academia. The courses and research areas are designed so that students excel in following fields.

  • Numerical Optimization (It covers optimization methods with applications in biology, chemical engineering, economic and finance including asset and liability management, asset pricing, optimization models arising in model calibration, prediction and estimation, risk analysis and financial data analysis.
  • Computational Finance (It includes applications of finite difference methods, Monte-Carlo methods, finite element method and simulation methods for option pricing)
  • Actuarial Mathematics (It includes topics in industrial and operational engineering, economics, statistics and accounting)
  • Applied Mathematics (It includes numerical and analytical techniques for applications in various phenomena, mathematical modeling of complex models from biotechnology, geology, engineering, nanotechnology, etc.)

Students are required to successfully qualify eight courses (4 compulsory and 4 electives) each of 3 credit hours duration. On successful completion of MS course work students will be allowed to work on a 06 credit hour thesis on a subject of interest and on the availability of the faculty. The minimum duration of completion of MS Program is 2 years (Four Semesters) and maximum duration is 4 Years and students must pass GAT (General) before applying for the admission or within six months after the admission.


Following specialization tracks will be offered under the MS Applied Mathematics program in Mathematics Department and courses will be offered in accordance to the availability of faculty members. Following pre-program non-credit courses will be offered in zero semester of MS Applied Mathematics Program whose basic back ground is not Mathematics:

  • Basic Finance
  • Mathematics Foundation
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Report writing skills

There will be no exam. The qualifying criteria will be pass/No passing subject to satisfactory completion of assignments. Only those students will be allowed to continue the MS program who successfully pass (60% marks) in the zero semester.