BS (Mathematics)

Duration of Program:
  • 4 years (8 semesters); students NOT from the Pre- Engineering Group have to attend intensive courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry during the semester breaks of first and second years depending on their deficiencies.
  • Students cannot get the degree of BS before completing 4 years of study.
Total Credit Hours: 136 (maximum 18 hours per semester)
Compulsory Courses: 6 (11 credit hours)
Humanities Course: 1 (3 credit hours)
Core Courses: 24 (72 credit hours)
Minor Courses: 8 (24 credit hours)
Electives A: 4 (12 credit hours) [Electives in Specialization]
Electives B: 2 (6 credit hours); mathematics courses outside
Class Size: 50 (maximum) for lectures; 25 (maximum) for tutorial and laboratory session.