Department of Mathematics

Director's Message

My message is quite simple but implies continuous struggle for change. On every “to-day” we should dream of better “tomorrow”. Sukkur IBA is determined to become the center of Excellence for achieving the goal of betterment of Sindh, prosperity of Pakistan and welfare of the world at large.

Why We Are?

The mission of Mathematics Department is to increase understanding and the ability to apply mathematics through in-depth study and endowing them with broad and diverse knowledge in the mathematical sciences, and to conduct the cutting edge research in Applied Mathematics. Faculty and advanced graduate students will coach undergrad and graduate students to create and upgrade their computational and analytical aptitudes. These aptitudes will create very qualified students who can enter beneficial professions in industry, institutions, and research in Pakistan as well as globally.

Mission of Sukkur-IBA

The mission of Sukkur IBA is “to contribute and serve community by imparting knowledge through innovative teaching and applied research at the global levels of excellence. We aim to establish and sustain a competitive meritorious environment by strengthening faculty and using state of the art technology to produce graduates with analytical, leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit, who possess global outlook and are conscious of ethical values”.

Success Stories